3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Community, Home Security Archives, Safety Tips, Tips and Hacks

When it comes to protecting your home from theft, intrusion, and vandalism your security efforts shouldn’t stop at your front door. Keeping your family and your home safe means ensuring that your neighborhood and community are just as safe. But what steps can you take as a homeowner to ensure that you keep your neighborhood safe?

Be Friendly With Neighbors

Keeping your neighborhood safe isn’t a one-person job— it takes a village. One simple way that you can ensure that there is a strong sense of community within your neighborhood is to befriend your neighbors who will be involved in keeping the neighborhood free of suspicious people even when you are not present. In turn, you can do your part by notifying them when there is suspicious activity around their home such as unfamiliar vehicles parked on the curb at odd hours of the day. Building this sense of community with your neighbors is a great way to keep your neighborhood safe and share the workload that goes into keeping a vigilant eye on things.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Another way that you can help keep your neighborhood safe is by illuminating the neighborhood at night. If you live in a community with an active HOA you may be able to petition the installation of street lights. Alternatively, you could have motion-activated lights installed in your driveway and front of your house. While increased lighting can be a deterrent against crime, it can also make the neighborhood safer by increasing the visibility of vehicles and pedestrians who may be out after dark.

Share Your Home Security Alerts With Neighbors

As we mentioned above, creating a sense of community is a great way to make your neighborhood safer. The same is true when you can share your security alerts with your neighbors to give them a heads-up about any suspicious or criminal activity taking place in the community. A great example of this is the sharing of video surveillance recorded on a home security system on a community-based social media app such as Nextdoor. This could alert your neighbors of “porch pirates” and other suspicious activity that could affect the neighborhood.

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