5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Commercial Security Systems

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Business Security Archives

There are multiple benefits of having a commercial security system in place for your company. A security system is designed to keep a space, an area, and/or property safe and secure. As a business owner, your top priority is to protect the assets of your company. A commercial security company like ASAP Security can provide your business with the tools it needs to protect your assets, your employees and patrons, and your business from harm. Here are five ways your business will benefit from working with a commercial security system:

Security Cameras Can Monitor the Activities of Both Employees and Criminals, Helping Protect Sensitive Information

If you run a business where your employees come in contact with sensitive information—such as a client’s personal or financial information or proprietary systems and processes, then your business has a lot to lose if that information gets into the right hands. Security cameras placed in areas that your business considers “high risk” can prevent theft or intentional mishandling of sensitive information keeping your business protected.

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A Commercial Door Access Will Allow You to Keep Track of Visitors and Deliveries

Commercial door and gate access have taken off in popularity in recent years due to their increased security while reducing the cost of security personnel. Door and gate access allow authorized individuals such as employees and delivery drivers to access your property remotely with the use of codes, access keys, and even applications on their phones. Additionally, remote door access allows property owners to grant and reject access as needed. There are multiple benefits of having commercial security systems in place for your company.

A Commercial Security System Can Connect with Your Fire and Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and Other Safety Features

When we think of security systems, we often think of high-tech cameras, alarms, and motion detectors but security systems also include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that help keep your people safe. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments respond to an estimated 3,340 office building fires annually which accounted for $744 Million in damages in 2019. Additionally, Carbon Monoxide poisoning is responsible for 50,000 hospital emergency room visits in the U.S. each year.

While accidents and emergencies are hard to predict, you can minimize the risk by connecting your fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors to your commercial security system.

Monitored Security Systems Can Allow You to Keep an Eye on Your Business While You Are Away

In 2022, the ASU Center for Problem-Oriented Policing published an article on the Problem of Burglary of Retail Establishments citing after-hours burglaries as one of the main threats to businesses alongside shoplifting, thefts by delivery personnel, and stockroom thefts by employees. Monitored Security Systems can protect your business from these forms of theft in two ways.
First, the mere presence of an armed security system—including cameras can deter crime.
Additionally, if a crime does occur, you will have the crime recorded and stored remotely allowing you to both identify the culprit and prosecute the crime to the fullest extent of the law.

Using a Monitored Security System Can Help You Reduce Insurance Costs

Another benefit of using a monitored security system for your business is the reduced cost of insurance. Insurance companies recognize that having a security system in place can help reduce the risk of theft and burglary which reduces the likelihood of an incident that requires them to pay out on the policy. As a result, some insurance companies are happy to pass that saving on to their customers as an incentive for businesses to reduce their risk. Many times, an insurance company will ask for proof of purchase as well as the specifics of the security system before issuing a discount.

Takeaway: Commercial Security Systems Provide Benefits That Promote the Success of Your Business

Ultimately, business owners get a lot out of commercial security systems. These systems enable them to sense the presence of people at their property and prevent such disruptions; they also allow them to keep track of activities that occur on the premises in real-time—and possibly take preventative measures if something does go wrong. In short, your business will be able to deter would-be thieves and vandals from damaging or stealing from your property—not to mention protect employees and other customers who might otherwise be victims of theft or violence. Moreover, you’ll have video footage to turn over to local authorities should such illegal actions take place. And that’s not all: by letting your customers know they can feel safe while visiting your business locations or facilities, you can rest assured that you’ll foster a reputation for providing a safe environment for their patronage—as well as retain their trust and loyalty, which is key for any successful business.

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