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Home automation serves many purposes within a home, from remotely controlling appliances, utilities, and functions to double checking if you turned off the lights or locked the doors. Home automation can provide convenience and peace of mind for a number of different reasons. By remaining connected to a variety of devices and capabilities of your home while you are away (or even while you’re just cozied up on the couch), you can increase your security and be more comfortable regardless of the circumstances that arise. 



Why would you need to access your locks remotely if you’re home? There are numerous reasons! Say you’re expecting company, you run to the bathroom to freshen up, and the doorbell rings. You check your camera to see they are here already. Instead of making them wait, let them in from wherever you’re at!


Can’t remember if you turned all the lights off on your way out? Did you stay out longer than expected and now that it’s dark, you want to turn your porch light on? With home automation, you can remotely check the lights and turn them on or off as needed.

We’ve all been there, you sit down on the couch or lay in bed and get all cozy, and then you realize that the light is still on. Instead of groaning as you get up to turn it off and run back to your pile of blankets in the dark, utilize the convenience of home automation to shut them off right from your phone. 



In the middle of the day, your home was warm so you turned down the AC. Now that the sun is disappearing, the temperature starts to drop and now that you are cuddled up binge watching your favorite show, you realize you are chilly. Not to worry, you need not pause your marathon to go adjust the temperature, you can do it directly from your phone, right where you are at. 

Safety & Peace of Mind


We all want to know that our home is safe and secure while we are away and while we are home. With home automation systems, you can check and double check that your doors are locked no matter where you are. Most automation systems also allow you the opportunity to connect to a security system, so in addition to making sure you’re all locked up, you can keep an eye on your cameras and monitor the safety of your residence from far away. 

Now, imagine you are laying in bed, all tucked in and comfortable, just about to fall asleep when you hear a noise outside. You don’t see anything or anyone on your cameras, however, you are now feeling unsettled. Give yourself that extra sense of security by being able to check that your doors are locked from the comfort of your bed. 

Money Saved


Forget to turn the oven off? Air conditioner set way too low for while you’re out? Tap into your home automation and adjust accordingly. There are many appliances and thermostats that are smart home compatible. 

There are many conveniences that come along with home automation. In addition, there are many benefits that give you increased peace of mind. If you think home automation might be right for you, contact us