Benefits of Updating Your Locks

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At ASAP Security, our locks are high quality and feature all of the latest technologies on the market. If your locks have not been replaced for several years, or you simply want an upgrade to keyless entry, give us a call. One of our professional licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths can rekey or replace yours with our wide-range of pick proof units. 

Knowing that your new locks have been installed by a professional local locksmith will give you peace of mind that your home or business has been made ASAP (Always Safe, Always Protected). This peace of mind will allow you and your family to feel safe both while you are home and you are away. 


While you may just want to upgrade to the latest technology, or just for peace of mind, there are other reasons that you may be inclined to upgrade your locks as well. 

  • When you are buying a new home, it is always best to ensure you have new keys and locks to ensure security. You never know who the previous owners gave keys to.
  • If you are a landlord it is best to change them out when you have a change of tenants. It is your responsibility to ensure no one else has access to their home when they move in.
  • If you have been renting out a room to a friend or temporary tenant, it is good to have them changed when they move out.
  • If you have locks that are not working as they used to—maybe the key is sticking or you have to “jiggle” it to get in, it is a good time to have new ones installed. Faulty or broken units leave potential for theft or damage to your home or business


With the recent rise in popularity of home automation and smart home devices, there is a push to make every aspect of our lives more convenient. Now, this automation is not limited to only  homes, but has also made its way into the business world. As a busy society, even saving a few seconds adds up fast. One way to accomplish this, as well as some additional benefits, is to invest in keyless entry for your home or business. Let’s check out why this is becoming an increasingly popular choice. 


The most obvious benefit is convenience. Keyless entry involves less hassling with keys, trying to dig them out from the bottom of purses, and juggling with them attempting to find the right one. When your hands are full or you are in a hurry, this slight inconvenience becomes more of a headache than it should be. 

Entering or exiting your home or business should not be a source of stress. A keyless entry can involve a simple key fob that just needs to be near a sensor to open the door, or it could be a passcode that only needs to be punched in quickly before you can be on your way. Either of these options are generally more convenient than a traditional keyed entry. 


With keyless entry, it is easier to control who has access to your home or business. While traditional keys are not always returned, requiring the locks to be changed out completely, keyless entries can quickly revoke access from certain users, whether it is disabling a fob or discontinuing an access code. In addition, most of these systems allow monitoring of which codes and fobs where used where and when, so audits can be performed. Often, these passcodes can be assigned remotely as well, allowing for easier access on a property should the owner not be present. 


While some keyless entry systems may be an initial investment, this cost is quickly made up for by eliminating the need to replace locks and switch out keys completely every time access needs to be revoked for someone. When businesses have a high turnover rate, or they house valuable information or products, access needs to be easily given and taken away in an instant. Keyless entry accomplishes this in a simpler and cleaner way that traditional lock and key combinations. 


Traditional locks can become incredibly clunky or bulky and are generally aesthetically displeasing. With modern technological advances, these keyless entry interfaces are often sleek, stylish, and minimally invasive to the exterior aesthetic of your home or business. There are many options available, allowing you to pick one that flows seamlessly with your style. Depending on your preferences, you can make your keyless entry points as obvious or hidden as you would like. 


The ultimate purpose of a lock is to protect something or someone. As stylish or convenient as they may be, locks are useless if they do not perform this task. Keyless entries provide heightened security with the ability to monitor entries and exits, as well as grant and revoke access quickly. These systems also often offer security benefits such as anti-tamper lockouts, emergency lockouts, adjustable code lengths, and multiple access modes.

There are many reasons to upgrade your locks, and many options to upgrade to. If you’re ready to take the next step in your lock game, contact our team of locksmith experts today!

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