Burglar Alarm Systems & Your Business

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Business Security Archives, Safety Tips

A good burglar alarm system is essential for your business to ensure that your facilities, valuables, and employees are safe and protected. If you’re considering implementing a new system, take a look at our helpful guide below, where you can learn more about the importance of investing in a good quality security system, and how ASAP Security can help.

What type of burglar alarm do you need?

There’s an array of different burglar alarms on the market, each with additional features to meet different needs. They are divided into three categories:

  • Bell system: This type of alarm system only emits a bell sound when triggered.
  • Communicator system: When triggered, this alarm system will notify various select numbers.
  • Monitored system: When triggered, this type of alarm system notifies an external service that will then be in charge of informing law enforcement.

Why invest in a good quality alarm system?

If you’re serious about the security of your business, it’s essential to invest in a good security system. A bell-only system will probably not do much if your business property is away from an area with witnesses. It will also not be enough to stop burglars who will likely get away before law enforcement arrives.

Luckily, there’s an array of quality security systems on the market that can increase the chances of burglaries being unsuccessful. Here are a few reasons why a quality alarm system makes sense:

  • They can stop crime before it happens. Many smart systems can send warnings which can be a great way to scare unwanted visitors.
  • A good alarm system will protect your employees, especially if they leave their belongings overnight.
  • It can help protect your business valuables. This is especially true if you leave stock in your business property overnight, such as a jeweler or a watch seller.
  • It can help reduce your insurance cost. Many providers will look favorably at a new, modern alarm system since they reduce the risk of a successful burglary.
  • Peace of mind. Perhaps the best reason for investing in a quality alarm system is that you’ll be able to go home and rest assured that your business property has the best possible security. You can’t avoid a potential burglary, but you can do something about how you challenge it.

What are the best alarm systems?

The best alarm system will depend on your specific needs. You might already have a fantastic CCTV system installed and only need a bell-only alarm system for security. However, if you’re looking for a good quality system, a smart alarm is a great way to go. It usually combines a traditional warning alarm with camera monitoring. This can all be linked to your smartphone so that you can notify authorities the moment you see burglars trying to get access to your property.

Doing this can increase the speed at which law enforcement is notified to get to your property in time. In addition to this, many smart alarm systems come with good camera quality, which will help police find the culprits if they get away. 

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