Can Your Dog Dial 911?

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Home Security Archives

Dog vs Alarms For Protection

To many people that seems like an odd question; however, we purchased a booth at a home show this past weekend to try to get new customers. When we asked do you have a home security system, on more than one occasion the response was, “I have a dog.” So we responded with, “Can your dog dial 911.” There was actually an incident recently here in Las Vegas where there was a home invasion, and besides taking the common items, electronics, guns, money, the burglars actually stole the family dog. The family wasn’t concerned about their belongings, but they were upset that they lost their dog, a four legged member of their family.

When considering purchasing a home alarm system, think about protecting your most precious items, including family members, and family pets. Too many pets end up poisoned, or run away when there is a home invasion, so consider your pets as well. The average dog is not trained to be a guard dog, or an attack dog, so don’t feel that they can safeguard your home.

So, I ask again, can your dog dial 911? If he/she can’t then maybe it’s time to consider investing in a home alarm system by ASAP Security 702-870-8880.

Be “always safe, always protected.”

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