Causes of False Alarms and How to Prevent Them

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Are you tired of accidentally setting off your home’s security system? Whether you’re accidentally tripping the security sensors on doors and windows, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not alone. Below are some of the more common causes of false alarms and how to prevent them.

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1. Human Error

One of the leading causes of false alarms usually has to do with human error. Yes! People in your home or office can make small mistakes that set off the security alarm accidentally.

What Happens:

  • Accidentally entering the wrong security code to disarm the alarm
  • Children
  • Pets opening unlocked doors
  • Family/Friends accidentally tripping alarms

How to Prevent It:

  • Make sure that everyone who needs the security codes to deactivate the alarm
  • Make sure that doors and windows are properly locked

2. Improper Installation

If your security system has been installed incorrectly, it can cause the sensors to go off causing a false alarm. Typically, when an alarm system has been improperly installed, sensors will be misplaced and misaligned triggering the alarm.

What Happens:

  • DIY mistakes while installing sensors
  • Misaligned sensors
  • Misplaced sensors
  • Failing to follow the manufacturer instructions

How to Prevent It:

3. Lack of Maintenance and Upkeep

Another reason for false alarms is a general lack of maintenance. Alarm sensors should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that sensors are not obstructed and that batteries are not dead.

What Happens:

  •  Dead or dying batteries cause the sensor to go off
  •  Dirty sensors tripping the alarm

How to Prevent It:

  • Check your alarm system and sensors every 90 days to replace batteries and clean out sensors.

4. Unlocked or Loose Doors and Windows

Security alarms sensors on doors and windows are triggered when the sensors on the door and wall become separated. This can set off your alarm accidentally when doors and windows that aren’t secured swing open.

What Happens:

  • Pets and children opening unlocked doors
  • The wind blowing unsecured windows open

How to Prevent It:

  • Make sure that doors and windows are locked before arming the alarm


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