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Why a Smart Home is a Smart Idea

A smart home is a system of connected devices capable of communication using either wired or wireless technologies that are controlled remotely. Many connected devices can be included in a smart home system, including lights, thermostats, appliances, and electronic gadgets such as smartphones. So how does this home automation save you money? Read on to find out!

There are many benefits to living in a smart home. It makes life easier, more comfortable and more convenient by automating daily routines and tasks. In addition to the day-to-day help, home automation is most commonly used for security to protect us from threats while offering peace of mind and reducing anxiety, by monitoring the entire property and offering users more control.

Smart home technology is evolving and becoming more affordable at the same time, which is good news for you! Just 15 years ago smart devices were a lavish concept used in science fiction stories and spy films, and when the technology finally started to catch up with the films, it was virtually unattainable for the average person.

Today, connected devices have evolved from keypads on doors and thermostats, to completely wireless control of everything from simple light switches to complex home security systems.

As a result, there are countless devices available and consumers are now able to experience the benefits of a smart home without breaking the bank.

How Does Home Automation Work?

How does home automation work? Home automation is made possible with the advent of 2 newer technologies; AI or Artificial Intelligence, and IoT or The Internet of Things. AI is the process of technology being able to carry out decisions based on the user’s input. This allows you to set certain rules or scheduled actions which the AI can then operate by “speaking” with all the other compatible technology in your home via the internet.

IoT is the networking of physical objects to create a system that can share data, monitor and control devices, analyze data and make decisions. This is achieved by connecting all your compatible technology such as sensors, cameras, and thermostats to the internet using WiFi or cellular connectivity.

What Else Can a Smart Home Do?

Connected smart devices are being implemented in homes all over the world. Most of these devices are being used for various tasks such as tracking shipments, monitoring your home security, and preventing theft. As the world becomes more and more dependent on the internet, it’s essential to make sure that you are using the best security methods possible. This is where AI comes in handy. These applications can scan your home for any intruders, sound an alarm when someone enters your home, and even send you a text alert of any unusual activity occurring around your house.

Of course, smart devices at your home can also help with tracking shipments and prevent theft from your doorstep, as well as lower your risk of burglary and break-ins overall. Check out this article for some tips on securing your package deliveries: Protecting Your Amazon Packages

According to our friends at ADT, homes with automated security features are 300% safer from break-in attempts. 51% of burglarized homes are hit again within 6 weeks (Reolink) and a large factor for this is security. Thieves return to properties that they know they can easily access without any security to deter them.

Something as simple as a motion sensor light can sometimes be enough to make a criminal back away, however more robust systems provide a greater amount of security and safety. Check out this article from ADT with a bunch of surprising stats and facts about burglary!

Still on the fence about automation devices? Keep reading!

How Home Automation Can Save You Money

In case you haven’t noticed, this summer has been quite a scorcher, and many Energy companies have higher rates in the summer to combat the strain on their grids. You may have even received automated texts or emails begging you to use your air conditioner less! Smart devices connected to your home can save you money on your energy bills by reducing consumption.

With the help of automation devices such as AI and IoT systems, you can reduce energy usage by controlling the temperature, lighting, and other factors more effectively inside your home. On top of having control over your property from your smartphone, motion sensors around the property can help make sure that if someone has not been home for a while, devices such as lights and HVAC systems are off and things in their house are secure.

All these will ultimately lead to reduced energy consumption and more money in your pocket each month!

Leveraging AI Technology to Improve Energy Efficiency

Smart devices have become a necessity in our lives. These devices are not only making our lives easier and more convenient but also more energy efficient.

There are many ways to make your home smarter and more energy efficient by leveraging AI technology. We can do this by leveraging various automation devices like voice assistants, and smart devices.

In addition to simply setting up schedules for high-consumption devices in our homes, we can use these technologies to monitor our energy consumption overall and set up alarms that will let us know when we are using too much energy. This will help us to become more conscious about how much electricity we are using and how it affects the environment.

Of course, AI technologies can also be used to make our homes safer. There are many ways to do this by setting up automated systems that can detect when someone is home and turn on the lights when they enter the room or lock the doors if they walk away.

Modern Tech That Isn’t Just For Millennials

When people think of Smart Homes and Home Automation devices, there can often be some hesitance to get started. The truth is, most senior-aged people tend to avoid modern technology because they feel like it can be difficult to operate.

However, newer automation devices are voice activated, which makes them easy to use for the elderly or disabled, and they can conveniently integrate with other compatible products in your house like a TV or smart display, smart light bulbs, air-conditioning, and more. They can also do things like play music, look up information and make hands-free phone calls.

Smart Devices Can Enhance Independence for People With Disabilities

Home automation can also help seniors and those with disabilities keep their independence, stay safe, and live a less stressful life.

Using smart devices to automate many of their daily tasks and setting their routines to a schedule, can help provide a better quality of life, as many of these tasks can be a struggle for some. Home automation such as keyless entry devices and smart light bulbs solves the problem of having to fumble with keys or struggle to find light switches when it’s dark.

Modern smoke detection devices are also very popular for families with children, the elderly, and people with disabilities as they can assist people and get them to safety in a calmer manner, whereas a loud alarm sound could be frightening or disorienting to some people. Recorded messages can even be played in place of an alarm, to help keep children calm, or to provide assistance to people with special needs with a familiar voice, in the case of an emergency.

Which Systems Should You Consider?

One of our favorite lines of products for home security is the ADT Command and Control system. This is a new advanced panel system that can operate both with and without the internet. The ADT Command is a modern device that allows you to control everything in your home from one panel. With the ADT Control app, you can manage all its features right from your phone from anywhere at any time. This is a great combo that allows you to have simple controls and presets at home but offers the ability to monitor and adjust on the go.

There are always new developments in technology, so it can be overwhelming for some people to adopt at first. Despite this, the benefits and advantages that come with using this kind of automated technology, far outweigh the learning curve associated with them.

Conclusion: Investing in Home Automation Systems is a No-Brainer – It Puts Money Back in Your Wallet and Makes Life Easier!

Luckily for you, you don’t have to be an expert in this technology to get started. The hardest part is installing the systems and making sure all the pieces are communicating. That’s where ASAP Security comes in. Our team has over 35 years of experience in home security and has built custom smart systems for all types of properties and people from all walks of life since this technology first came onto the market.

Making your home “smart” could be one of the smartest decisions you make for your home. Make sure to check out our Products page to see what options are a good fit for you, and don’t forget we always offer free estimates on custom system installations!

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