How Automating Your Business Security Can Save You Money

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Automation Archives, Business Security Archives

As we move into 2022, it’s time that businesses start automating their office security to reduce security expenses while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their business security. One way that businesses can cut back on the cost of security is by automating the simple tasks that while time-consuming, are necessary. At ASAP Security, we help a business secure their office and reduce their security expenses with state-of-the-art security solutions including automated office security. Here are a few ways that we can help you save with security automation.

Reduced Payroll Expenses

One way that automating your security processes around the office can help you reduce expenses is by cutting back on the cost of hiring security personnel to monitor access points around the clock. Automated security systems can handle everything from locking and unlocking doors, controlling surveillance cameras, and even controlling fire alarms, lights, and AC systems as well. When you consider the cost of an office security system against the cost of several full-time security personnel, the savings become more apparent.

Intrusion Detection to Prevent Theft

Another way that business owners save is by implementing automated security solutions around the office by improving loss prevention efforts. Advanced intrusion detection systems use sensors on windows and doors to identify when there is a security breach. This can be used on both external access points and in high-value areas where only authorized personnel should be.

Save on Cards and Keys With Access Control

Traditional methods of giving access to employees and office tenants, such as copying keys and creating keycards can be expensive, especially when there is turnover. It has been estimated that replacing locks across an office building every time there is turnover can cost several hundred dollars per access point. By automating access points with office security systems, you can all and disallow access to individuals digitally, without replacing locks, keys, or keycards. This is a cost-effective way to ensure that you keep your office secure and accessible to only individuals who should have access.

ASAP Security Las Vegas Business Security Solutions

ASAP Security can help you protect your home, business, and family 24 hours a day. Our solutions provide a crucial deterrent to criminals along with a rapid response from our security experts. Burglary protection helps prevent crime before it happens and helps protect your business against break-ins, robberies, intruders, and vandalism – day and night. To learn more about how ASAP Security can help you save on your office security system, give us a call today.

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