How Keyless Entry Improves Your Business Security

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Business Security Archives, Locks Archives, Tips and Hacks

In the past decade, along with the increased popularity and demand for automated devices and solutions, has come the rise in keyless entries. There are many benefits to keyless entry points for both residential and commercial use. They offer convenience, a streamlined access system, customizable interfaces, and much more! In addition to all of these perks, keyless entry systems can actually improve the security of your business as well. Let’s take a closer look at how they accomplish this feat. 

Faster Access

One aspect of the convenience that keyless entry offers is a faster way to enter a locked business building, or to lock up while closing down. While this may not initially seem like much of a security perk, it actually is. If your business has extensive operating hours, or is located in an area that may not be the safest part of town, having the ability to quickly and easily enter or exit without bothering with a keyring and the potential of dropping it or not being able to find the right key, can make a big difference in the safety and security of your employees, and therefore, your business. 

No Picking Locks

With traditional keyed entries, it is possible, and often not extremely difficult to pick the locks. Master keys can be created and used to gain access to your business, even after your staff has locked up for the night. Lockpicking tools and even everyday items can be used to shimmy a lock loose and break in. With keyless entries, however, it is not possible to break in with a lockpick. While they are not completely tamper-proof, keyless access points provide a much more secure solution for your business. 

Permission Levels

With many keyless entry systems, you have the ability to set various permissions levels. By creating user profiles that are assigned to specific employees or guests, or to specific codes or key fobs, you can determine who is allowed to access specific areas of your business building and between what times. You can set some permissions to be accessible to all areas at all times, and others to be accessible only to certains sections and only during business hours. These permissions can be granted and revoked remotely, and they can be changed at any time, so you have full control over who can do what. 

Complete Control 

To expand further on this complete control, in addition to setting and adjusting permissions levels, with many of these upgraded lock systems, you can set up new users with their own access codes at any time, from anywhere. You can also remove users and their codes remotely as well. This also gives you the potential ability to monitor a log of what codes were used at what time, so you can keep track of your business more effectively. Control over your access points, whether you are at your business or not, is a huge security benefit. 

Secure Software

There are many ways that software utilized by keyless locks improves the security of your business. Depending on what system you decide on, your software may offer you the ability to keep a digital log of who has entered and exited your home, and you can even monitor this in real time, by setting up updates whenever your lock system has been engaged. As mentioned above, this software also often allows for remote control of who can access your business, by activating and deactivating codes and fobs. In addition, many keyless entry points are equipped with software that will lock out the entire system if someone attempts to tamper with it. This software also allows you to adjust passcode lengths and requirements, and set different access requirements or modes for different users. 

Keyless entry greatly improves your business security, and it can be customized to provide you with whatever solutions you would like. If you want to make your business secure, contact our experts to discuss the best solution for you! 

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