How Smart Devices Can Save You Money

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Home automation is a continually growing trend that has recently skyrocketed in popularity. Automation, and the vast amount of available smart devices, bring many benefits, including convenience, less time required to complete daily tasks, additional security, and money saved. In today’s hustle and bustle society, convenience is worth the cost, and being safe is better than being sorry. These factors play a large part in the success of the smart home industry. 

While doing an automation overhaul on your entire house may be a bit too much of an initial investment for some homeowners, there are ways that you can jump on the automation train that are less of a burden on your budget. These include a variety of smart devices that not only will make your life easier, they can cut down on your bills as well. 

Smart Thermostats

Some of the most common smart devices that homeowners choose to utilize are smart thermostats. Conditioning your air, heating your home during chilly desert winter nights, and cooling it in our brutal summers, can make up quite a large chunk of your monthly bills. In some circumstances, individuals state that they spend on average, half of the household budget on utilities alone. These costs can climb quickly. 

Smart thermostats are an easy fix to this problem. They can adjust themselves in response to somebody’s presence within the home. When no one is home, they can be automatically set to low or off. In this way, programmable thermostats have the ability to save you up to 25% of your heating and cooling bill. 

Smart Lighting

Another common home automation option is smart lighting. Lighting is known to eat up a lot of your electricity bill as well. Leaving lights on all day or throughout the night can add up quickly. Smart lighting systems aid with this by dimming, turning off, or changing the color of your lights to save the maximum amount of energy. Though LED light bulbs may be more initially, they usually contribute to around $35 of savings per month. 

Smart Power Outlets

Standby power use is the concept of an appliance or anything of the sort being plugged in and using a passive amount of energy to maintain a readiness to be utilized. For example, a phone charger being left plugged in may not be actively charging a phone, however, it is still using up a certain amount of power since it is connected through the socket. This kind of power usage contributes to almost 16% of your electric bill. This percentage can be cut down or eliminated by installing smart power outlets, which monitor the usage and restrict energy drain. 

These, along with many more smart device options, combine to create savings for you, whether it is simply using less energy, keeping more money in your pocket, or saving you time in your routine. If you have any questions about smart home automation, contact the automation and security experts at ASAP. 

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