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Our locks are high quality and feature all the latest technology on the market. If yours has not been replaced for several years, or you want an upgrade to keyless entry, call us to upgrade to an ADT Smart Lock!

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One of our professional licensed, bonded, and insured Locksmiths can rekey or replace yours with our wide range of pick-proof units. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our ASAP locksmith!

Knowing that your new locks have been installed by a professional local ASAP locksmith in Las Vegas will give you peace of mind that your home or business has been made ASAP (Always Safe, Always Protected).

Here are some of the advantages of upgrading:

  • When buying a new home, it is always best to ensure you have new keys and locks to ensure security. You never know to who the previous owners gave keys.
  • If you are a landlord, it is best to change them out when you have a change of tenants. You are responsible for ensuring no one else has access to their home when they move in.
  • If you have been renting a room to a friend or temporary tenant, it is good to have them changed when they move out.
  • If you have locks that are not working as they used to—maybe the key is sticking, or you have to “jiggle” it to get in, it is an excellent time to install new ones. Faulty or broken units leave the potential for theft or damage to your home or business.
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What is Smart Lock?

Create virtual key combinations for family members or contractors, remotely lock and unlock your doors, and set up emergency automation. Never get locked out again, even if you forget your keys. Paired with ADT Command, you can lock and unlock your door remotely from virtually anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

How Do Smart Locks Work

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to improve their business and home security systems. But how do these locks work?

Smart locks are designed to work with your smartphone, allowing you to unlock your doors with a simple tap or swipe. Smart locks are electronic locks that users can operate with a mobile app, Bluetooth or wi fi. The locking mechanism is the same as a mechanical lock but instead controlled electronically. They offer a higher level of security than traditional mechanical locks, as they cannot be picked or forced open.

Smart locks typically come with features such as audit logs, tamper alerts, and remote management, which give users more control over their security. You can also set up different profiles for different people so that everyone in your family or office has their access code. And, if you lose your phone, you can usually disable the lock remotely.

Smart Lock Features

Many features come with smart locks these days. Modern smart locks include phone connectivity and mobile access to unlock your door through a mobile app. They have features like smart keys, bump control, voice control, fingerprint recognition, and automatic locking. Most smart locks also come with a standard key slot, a helpful alternative when your batteries drain before you can replace them. These features can provide an extra layer of security and convenience to your home.

Moreover, a smart lock also works well with a smart doorbell camera! You can automatically unlock your front door remotely when a delivery, repairman or relative comes to visit and can monitor and capture any unwelcome guests.

Are Smart Locks Safe

Yes, smart locks are safe and convenient! They use encrypted technology that makes it difficult for hackers to access your home. ADT Security smart locks utilize the industry standard 128-bit AES encryption online shops use. Additionally, you can set up smart locks with an emergency key that you can use if you ever get locked out of your house. If you lose your “key” or give it to someone you wish you hadn’t, you can easily change your access codes anytime!

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Does ADT have Smart Locks?


Yes! With ADT Smart Lock, you can leave your keys at home:


  • Check the status of your smart door locks remotely
  • Know who’s coming and going with alerts sent to your phone
  • Remotely arm your system and turn on interior lights if you see someone approaching your door

Do you need an ADT Smart Lock?

A smart lock has many features that make it convenient for homeowners and property managers. These features allow users to customize their security settings, control access via mobile devices and create virtual keys for staff members. Some smart locks can detect when someone tries to tamper with them and send notifications to the owner. Smart locks allow owners to keep their properties safe from theft without needing to hire security personnel full-time.

Smart locks have many uses beyond protecting homes, too; they can unlock doors for people with disabilities and help them stay independent. If you prefer a safe, secure, convenient home, then an ADT smart lock is for you!

Changing your home’s locks is a big decision. If you decide to change your locks or install and connect a smart lock to your security system, we can help you choose the right one for your home and install it for you. Contact us today to get started!

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