Protect Your Amazon Packages With These Las Vegas Home Security Tips

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Protecting your amazon packages with these Las Vegas home security tips has never been easier!

Invest in a Doorbell Security Camera Like a Ring or Google Nest

A doorbell camera is a great way to keep an eye on your porch while you are away for the day. Doorbell cameras are great home security options for a few reasons. First, a doorbell camera will give you a set of eyes on your package as soon as the delivery driver approaches. Additionally, these cameras come equipped with sensors that notify you and activate when they are approached. This will let you know if someone is walking up to your porch intending to steal your packages.

The downside to these cameras is that without a secure way to lock up the packages, they will at most capture the identity of the person who stole your package. While this won’t save your package, the footage can be used to file a report or to request a replacement for the stolen product.

Install a Package Drop Box at Your Front Door

A great strategy for protecting your amazon packages is to have drivers place those packages in a drop box if possible. There are a few options for package drop boxes at various price points for homeowners. On the low end, there are Amazon drop boxes that work like P.O. boxes. While convenient, these are often out of the way and a homeowner might prefer to have a solution right on their doorstep.

That’s where a drop box for your porch can be a solid solution. A drop box is a modified mailbox that is big enough for packages and equipped with security features such as an alarm and a keypad lock for secure delivery.

Network With Neighbors

Sometimes the best solution to prevent theft is by having a strong sense of community with your neighbors. Your neighbors can help you protect your packages once they have been delivered by placing the package indoors for each other. This is a simple but effective solution to preventing package theft, though it may not always be the easiest if you live in a community where there are many strangers.

Install a myQ Garage Door Opener to Allow Drivers to Leave Packages Inside Your Garage

With the invention of smart garage technology, companies like Amazon have been able to roll out solutions like the Key by Amazon. By using the myQ smart garage door opener, delivery drivers can open your garage door by scanning your package. This allows the delivery driver to securely place your packages indoors and away from potential porch pirates.

ASAP Security for Home Security Solutions

Preventing theft from your porch can be much harder than you think. While it may not be at the forefront of your mind, the moment you realize that your packages have been stolen from your door you will be wishing that you had taken steps to deter and prevent theft. Fortunately, the home security experts ASAP Security can help you secure your home with state-of-the-art security systems including cameras, lights, alarms, and smart home integrations.

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