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by | Oct 12, 2021 | Business Security Archives, Safety Tips

Implementing a good security system for your business is paramount to ensure financial and employee safety. As the world becomes more digital, the necessity for these security systems to be automated also grows. Below, we talk through a range of standard business security options and how they function when automated.

Smart Security Cameras

If your business has a physical location, such as a store, office, or warehouse, you should consider implementing smart security cameras. Unlike traditional cameras, these usually provide crystal clear images and a motion detection system that will alert you when unwanted visitors are nearby. As a result, you’ll be able to alert the authorities quicker and reduce the chance of thieves getting away with valuable equipment. Another helpful feature in most smart security cameras is the ability to deter criminals through outputting sounds or even your voice.

Cyber Security

The age of remote and hybrid working environments has created a growing market for cyber security systems. Hackers can gain access to essential company files through various methods, which, if left unprotected, can cause damage and compromise personal employee and client information.

A complete cyber security system can seem daunting to implement. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated. You should ensure that your business has the following cyber defenses in place:

  • Important data backup, such as documents, emails, contacts, and schedules.
  • Protection from malware, such as antivirus software
  • Password-protected data, such as a two-step authentication process
  • Phishing email detector

Entry Access Control Systems

If your business holds valuable stock in a location, such as watch and jewelry dealers, it’s worth investing in a smart entry access control system. These devices allow you to check through a camera who is looking to gain entry into your business property, enabling you to check whether it’s the person/or delivery you’re waiting for.

In the past, businesses would need to check manually, which would pose a massive security risk to employee and stock safety.

Smart Alarms

Another business security feature that can now be automized is smart alarms. Unlike traditional alarms, these can include a security camera and other smart features, such as monitoring services that notify local authorities automatically. The extra features can mean that backup arrives quickly and thus, reduce the damage done by intruders to your business property.

Smart Business Security Package

If you feel like your business would benefit from multiple security features mentioned in this article, you should know that many business security companies offer smart security packages. These packages, which are often flexible to meet your needs, will include a range of features effective against different types of threats – such as intruders or cyber-attacks.

A professional installation will also be more efficient than a DIY business security system. Professionals will not only ensure that your security is installed correctly, but they will also identify any potential gaps that you may have missed and recommend the best solution for the problem. Have questions about which of these solutions we offer? Get in touch today! 

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