Staying Up To Date With Modern Home Security

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Home security has evolved over the last several years, and comes with many features that do more than keep you safe, such as remote or voice control of lights and appliances, and even being able to communicate with kids or pets when you aren’t home. This article will walk you through all the new security challenges we face, and how you can continue staying up to date with modern home security solutions.

One of the biggest changes in recent years that affect our homes, is the advent of online deliveries. Whether it’s getting all your gifts sent to your door, ordering food delivery from various apps, or even having your groceries picked out and dropped off for you. Now more than ever, there is a need for added security, especially around your front door.

How Modern Home Security Apps Keep You Safer

Today, we are going to explore the benefits of modern mobile apps for your home security. Mobile apps are a great way to keep you safe and secure in your own home. They allow you to monitor your security system from anywhere you have an internet connection.

According to research, about 34% of burglars enter homes through unlocked front doors. That is why it is important that you invest in a good security system for your home with a reliable monitoring service like ADT Command™ Smart Home Security. With ADT Command Smart Home Security, you can remotely lock or unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and even set alarms!

These modern features are paramount to evading potential crime at your home in the digital era. How burglars and thieves operate has changed in recent years, and so have the systems we use to protect ourselves.

How Modern Home Security Can Keep Your Packages Safe

Delivery theft is a very real and serious problem that many people across the country have to deal with as of late. It is near-impossible to get your package back once it is stolen from your doorstep, so the best way to stop it is to prevent would-be criminals from ever wanting to step foot on your property.

There are many ways you can try and prevent this type of theft, but the best way is by installing a doorbell camera and automatic lights at your front door.

A doorbell camera will allow you to see who is at your front door before you answer it, and an automatic light will make it harder for thieves because they will be seen by the light coming from your house. These are both great ways to protect yourself against delivery theft.

Another effective way to scare off potential thieves is the use of intercom systems. Many modern security systems have this feature built into their doorbell cameras or security camera systems. The best part about this feature is that it can often be used remotely.

You no longer have to actually be home in order to scare off intruders. You can watch on your phone, and choose to speak directly to anyone near your door, so even if you are thousands of miles away on vacation, it can seem like you’re home.

Using a combination of these security features, you can effectively monitor your home, and interrupt thieves before they make off with any of your packages.

Home Security Tips For Staying Safe From Disguised Intruders

The home shopping delivery industry has seen a huge boom in recent years. The introduction of apps has made ordering food and household items easier than ever before. But with the convenience of these apps comes a new set of dangers.

The most common way for intruders to gain access to your home is through the front door. We have seen an increase lately in potential intruders posing as delivery persons. Often times they will have someone posing as a delivery person, while others wait in the shadows to rush the doorway. When you answer the door, they act confused as if they’re positive they are at the correct address. Their hope is that you will come fully outside to discuss the issue, leaving your door open enough for them to storm in.

This is another situation where having a modern home security system is a no-brainer. Having obviously visible cameras, and some automatic motion sensor lights can make these criminals second guess their choices. Many times this is all it takes to ward off would-be intruders and get them to leave your property without altercation. Click here to see some of the options we provide.

When this doesn’t do the trick, however, again the use of a doorbell camera with voice intercom becomes another line of defense. You no longer need to step outside of your house, and your risk of someone gaining access drops exponentially.

A New Era With New Problems

Simply put, the home security methods of previous generations may still have their place, but they don’t fully address the modern landscape of potential risks. With the influx of interconnectivity in everyone’s daily lives, combined with the recent rise in costs of living and inflation, we are witnessing a convergence of new struggles and desperation coupled with a rise in anonymity.

The modern era has provided a perfect storm for new criminals to act on their financial desperation, using new apps to find clever reasons to invade others’ privacy. Conventional security measures such as a simple locked gate or keypad entry doors, simply aren’t enough to fully secure your packages or keep people from finding ways to break in.

If you haven’t updated to an automated system with doorbell cameras and more– You are putting yourself and your property at risk.

We know jumping on new technology can be intimidating and the idea of setting it all up is daunting, but the truth is these systems have been so well fine-tuned that they are regularly being adopted by people of all ages and improving lives… and the best part is with ASAP on your side, you don’t ever have to deal with the technical aspects of setting it up!

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