Prevention is the best form of protection, and as a company who prioritizes your safety, we want to help you find the most effective ways to stay safe. We established this company with the mission of “Always Safe, Always Protected” and we are constantly looking for ways to remain true to this for you. Because of this, we like to highlight safety tips that can help prevent anything from happening. 

Maybe you already have a security system in place. Or maybe you are shopping around for one that will be the right fit for your household. Regardless of where you are at in your pursuit of security, taking any precautions you can in the meantime can prove to be beneficial.

Automatic Timers

If you are away from your home for lengthy periods of time, you may be concerned about your house becoming a target for burglary. Investing in a timer for lights and electronics within your home can be a simple fix for making it appear like someone is home at various times. This device can help provide peace of mind for you and your family knowing that your lights will turn on and off without prompting. 

Outdoor Lights

These timers can be put to good use in several different ways within your home as well. You can pair these timers with your outdoor lights, for example, your front porch light, so they will be automatically turned on when it is dark. In these instances, having a set time when they turn on and off should work well enough. 

Motion sensor lights have been in use as a similar solution for quite some time. However, these do not give any indication of whether someone is actually home or not. Having your outdoor lights actually turn on at nightfall gives more of an impression that a person is present. 

Indoor Lights

With indoor lights, some form of repetition or pattern is expected, but if they constantly turn on and off at the same exact time everyday, this can be a telltale sign that there is no one home. Experienced thieves know how to watch for these patterns, and when they are recognized, they enact a plan to take advantage of times they know everyone in the household is gone. 

In this instance, having a timer that allows for randomness could be more effective in deterring potential theft. Having your lights turn on and off randomly throughout the day, and having that be different from day to day, makes it extremely difficult for anyone watching your home to pick out patterns or figure out when the house is vacant. 


These timers can also be paired with home electronics such as televisions in addition to with lights. Whether they are set for random times, or the same times everyday, having something that employs both sound and light within your house can further deter criminal activity around your home. 

Regardless of what kinds of timers you decide to utilize for your household, or if you even choose to get any of them, there are many solutions for the security of your home. If you have any questions about what options are available to you, contact us

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