Where to Place Your Commercial Security Cameras

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Considering commercial security cameras for your business? At ASAP Security, we make it our priority to keep your business safe and protected. Part of how we do this is by utilizing the highest quality, most up-to-date technologies. We are a Brivo Authorized Dealer as well as an ADT Authorized Dealer, so we can create a custom surveillance system set up that meets all of your needs. 

Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

Our commercial security cameras pair up with mobile-accessible apps, allowing you to remotely monitor your business entrance, lobby, parking garage, stairways, office, warehouse, or wherever else you need an eye in the sky! Not only do these commercial security camera solutions have monitoring capabilities, but they also give you the ability to record events and review footage at a later time.

Commercial security cameras from ASAP Security give you peace of mind. Being able to check in on your business while you are away can instantly quell any fears you have. In addition, having security cameras present may decrease the chances of a burglary or other conspicuous behaviors. Should a disaster strike and your business fall victim to a break-in or robbery, commercial security cameras give you the ability to review the event and may even assist with identifying the culprit.

Where Should Commercial Security Cameras Go? 

Convinced that your business needs commercial security cameras? Not quite sure the best places to put them? Here are a few places we suggest. 

Parking Lot or Parking Garage

Your parking lot or parking garage can be a place of vulnerability for employees and clients, especially if it is nighttime. In addition to installing ample lighting, you may want to consider putting commercial security cameras up around your parking areas as well. This can help deter any ill-intentioned individuals from targeting people that are entering and exiting their vehicles or from targeting cars left unattended for any period of time. 

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors and entryways are also prime spots to place commercial security cameras. These allow you to monitor anyone and everyone who enters or exits your building. This can be helpful for keeping an eye on employee behaviors, as well as keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. 


Just like with exterior doors, placing commercial security cameras in and around your company’s lobby can help keep an eye on the happenings around your business. Lobbies are typically some of the busiest places within a business, so it makes sense to have surveillance in this area. 


Hallways are another smart place to put commercial security cameras. You can often monitor a large portion of a business by just watching the hallways. Any entrance or exit from any room can be seen, and hallway cameras can monitor many doorways. 

Elevators and Stairwells 

Elevators and stairwells pose a potential vulnerability to your employees and clients, just like parking lots or parking garages do. In order to keep your staff and customers safe, it is advised to place commercial security cameras in these areas in an attempt to deter any malicious behaviors. 

Where Not to Place Cameras

It is worth mentioning that there are a few places you should not place commercial security cameras as well. For instance, it is illegal to place surveillance cameras in bathrooms and break rooms. Cameras here are seen as a violation of employee privacy. In addition, while you may wish to put a camera in your own office, you should not place cameras in other employee offices, as this is also an infringement of privacy. You want to keep your business safe, but it is essential to not break any laws while doing so. 

ASAP Security for Your Commercial Security Cameras

ASAP Security brings an exceptional level of experience and commitment, combined with stellar knowledge and expertise, to keep your business safe and secure. We understand that your business is unique, as are the challenges and concerns you have with your security. The ASAP Security team has provided security solutions and commercial security and surveillance cameras for numerous businesses, large and small. 

We take pride in devoting time to understanding your business and your locations, and we work hard to create a security camera system that meets all of your needs. You can trust ASAP Security to keep your commercial security cameras operating safely and effectively and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is secure. Contact us for a security evaluation and consultation today!

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